Keeping System.Text.Json lean

The System.Text.Json serializer has an unexpected performance penalty when used with options

Björn Weström

10 minute read

Serialization with System.Text.Json has an unexpected performance penalty when used with options, such as setting the PropertyNamingPolicy to CamelCase. For small objects, serialization is ~200x slower! To avoid this issue, store the options object in a class member and pass that member to JsonSerializer.Serialize.

The woes of Password-less authentication

Password-less authentication is actively pushed as the future of authentication. Where's the catch?

Björn Weström

8 minute read

I have followed the development of secure tokens with great interest. In the early days tokens such as RSA SecurID couldn’t do much more than give you six digits once per minute. But since those six digits were generated in a very secure manner thanks to cryptographic algorithms, they were an effective additional authentication token. This authentication token is referred to as a one time password (OTP), since the token only exists for a limited time and will not be accepted for logins…

Björn Weström

2 minute read

For developer teams working in an enterprise Windows server environment, it is customary to use Active Directory groups for access control to systems and services. In our scenario, every time onboarding starts for a new developer, this results in a big bunch of IT maintenance orders to add new users to the proper groups. Over time, the access profiles for each developer tends to deviate, making it very time consuming to figure out what that new resource should actually have.