About me

I have been tightly bound to computers my whole life, and still continue to find them interesting. I work as a software architect and lead developer for the Swedish Medical Products Agency. I strive to actually write code at least 50% of my working hours, which can be challenging at times given the responsilities as a software architect. For more about my professional background, see

To clarify, I write in this blog on my spare time. The blog expresses my personal opinion.

I really enjoy attending conferences where I can get new inspiration and learn about the recent development in our field.

Why blogging?

After living a fairly anonymous life on the web for many years I suddenly decided to pick up blogging. There were several motivations behind this:

  • Share knowledge (thereby improving my own skills)
  • Expand my developer network
  • Collect knowledge for later reference

Also, after participating in the AngularConnect 2018 event in London I was very impressed by the collaborative and sharing spirit within the Angular community. I realised that I wanted to contribute in my own way to the software development community.

If something I write can help other developers to find a solution or improve a solution, that will be reward enough for the effort of writing on the blog!

Being a father of three, I humbly accept that the blog posts will not be very frequent.

Why Fractalia?

Fractals have always fascinated me. It is also a link to my first real software project, which was a a fractal drawing software, written by me and a classmate back in high school as a math project.


I will cover technologies and ideas that stick on my radar. Current topics that I follow closely are Angular, E2E testing, .Net Core.

Thanks for reading!